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About Chaos Rings 3


Hi Twigster! Do you played Chaos Rings 3?

Chaos Rings III was first announced on August 4, 2014, with a Japanese release date planned for October 8, 2014. Like the prior games in the series, it was announced for the iOS, and Android operating systems, but unlike past iterations, it was also announced for the PlayStation Vita handheld video game console.  They were released in English speaking regions on May 28, 2015 for iOS and Android. The game,

Chaos III is a Japanese role-playing video game, that keeping consistent with previous in the series. Chaos III takes place in a world where players arrive at the coastal city of "Neo Paleo" to become "Explorers" in order to travel to the heavens: the planet called "Marble Blue". The game follows characters and their reasons for taking the pilgrimage to "Marble Blue". One of the main characters, Nazca, dreams of finding "Paradise", Marble Blue's biggest mystery.  Another character, Leary, travels there to find her father, who she believes has been kidnapped and taken there by an unknown person. As the game progresses, the hero finds out the truth behind paradise and the origins of Marble Blue.



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