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How to play Masuk Pak Eko


Hi Twigster!

Have you played Masuk Pak Eko? This game has really simple gameplay so it can be played by all ages.

When you start a game you can only use screwdriver as weapon and start the game.

You can choose weapon for you throw like knive, scissor, pencil, fork, spoon, cutter, flute,chop stick, and much again. You can get other weapon by  exchange your oranges or watching advertise.


For playing this game, you just need to concetration to your target, and throw your weapons over rotating target. Each stage has a number of different throws. The higher stage you play, the more weapons must be thrown. Try to throwing weapons at the orange attached to the target.

Really simple, right? Download and throw your weapons now!

Masuk Pak Eko



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