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About Star Squad


Hi Twigster!

So, do you guys love Star Wars? Here we will let you know little about Star Wars.

Star Wars is a series of science fiction epic films, the US space opera, directed by George Lucas. This film tells about a galaxy that is very, very far away in the very past. Setting the background where Star Wars is outer space, and using archetypal story motifs commonly found in classical science fiction or mythology stories. Star Wars is an example for both space opera and science fiction sub-genres. The film is divided into 6 films which are divided into 2 trilogy, namely sequel and prequel trilogy. With Jedi as a character with a picture of virtue, it is contrary to Sith which is a picture of evil, and has Light Saber as their weapon.

Interesting right? What if you can get the sensation of being on Star Wars just use your Android? Moffy Limited has released Star Squad and you can play it for free! What are you waiting for? Download Star Squad now and start your adventure in space!

Star Squad



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