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Survival Heroes Game with Moba and Battle Ground Combined


Hi Twigster!

Have you played Survival Heroes? So here a little about Survival Heroes.

Survival Heroes provides gamers with battle ground and moba hybrid gameplay where you can enjoy the easy and fun controls of a traditional moba game, and master the game. To become the king, all you have to do is improvise your moves, and pick the right gear at the right moment as you take on other contenders as a lone wolf.

Player will be able to choose their landing position, a good landing will earn you an early advantage in the game. Once you parachute down to the perfect spot, you will find the weapons, and items to support you on the journey as you fight with 99 other online players.

Use the fierce firepower to crush everyone that comes in your way to become the last man standing. The game features diverse weapon system where you have about 30 unique and deadly weapons with hundreds of skills. Besides killing the enemy with the heavy ammunition, you can also set traps, lurk in the bushes, and wait for your enemy to step on. Weapons can also be upgraded in the game to increase their strength. In addition to finding, and collecting equipment, you will also destroy the enemy to gain experience points.



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