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New PUBG Maps!


Hi Twigster!

New PUBG Maps!
1. Snow Map called Dihor Otok
2. Water region from Venezia(?) - skip this one, no confirmed data is found.

The date for the map is being called at Winter 2018. With 8x8km in size and mountainous island covered in snow, Dihor Otok provides you textures and models for buildings that would appear across the map, like a dino park, rocket, various castles, and plenty of Brick Gothic town houses.

There will be C4 and 2 new vehicles.
The C4 will make for some incredibly devious plays in the new setting, while a Beetle and Z130 flatbed truck were also spotted in the files, meaning that hopefully we will be able to crash around snowy Dihor Otok in a lorry.

as the bonus, there's a rumor that night mode will be include. Looks awesome right?



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