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3 New Android Games for You to Play!


3 Android New Games for You Play!

  1. Vampire's Fall: Origins

Morning Studio back with new smartphone games that give new excitement for the gamers. Vampire's Fall: Origin is sequel/prequel for VOLV Multiplayer Vampir game. This game has battle theme and good CRPG visual. Even the game looks so easy, but player will feel challenged to complete the mission. If you are RPG gamers, Vampire's Fall: Origins is your best choice.

Vampire's Fall: Origin is free to play.

Link : Download

  1. Space Loops

MindFox just launch a simple game, you just need to tap your screen for grabbing a rope to pass the rock. Players need to grab a rope to swing into the next higher stone. There's lots  of trap, if the character touches the traps too much, the player must start from the beginning.

Space Loops is free to play

Link : Download

  1. Soccer Kick

New soccer game from VOODOO!. It's about soccer game, you just need to kick a ball as far as you can. More far you kick, more points you earn. You can use coins for power-up and kick the ball to reach higher points.

Soccer Kick is free to play.

Link : Download



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