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ShellFire: Finally Open Beta Start!


Various genres are also provided to provide gamers many choices according to their tastes. Starting from RPG, MMORPG, Battle Royale, to MOBA and FPS with very good gameplay. But, what if FPS is combined with MOBA? This new nuance will be presented by DuniaGames by releasing a new game titled ShellFire.

MOBA and FPS combined mobile games are published directly by DuniaGames, and certainly will present a new experience for you gamers all. At ShellFire, there are various game modes that you can enjoy complete with different objectives. In the game you will compete in 5v5 like MOBA in general, but the display given is FPS.

Each Hero in ShellFire will also have their respective roles, so teamwork with balanced role composition is needed in the game: from attacks, defense, tanks, to support. The ideal composition usually in the game is 2 attacks or defense, 2 tanks, and 1 support. In various games, including Shellfire, support roles are very important. They are equipped with good heal ability to help their teammates.

As a suggestion, in one team it is highly recommended to have at least two attacks, one defense, one tank, and one support. You can adjust this composition according to taste.

In addition to organizing the composition of the team, you can all strengthen each Hero using the available rune features. The higher the level, the more rune slots are opened. Each rune has a different effect and you can customize it with your favorite hero.



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