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Top 3 Recomended Games Android This Week!


Tales of Erin

Tales of Erin is equipped with 3D graphics along with the use of manga style from Japan, you will enjoy the wonderful picture quality that this game brings. The details in the game are integrated into the cartoon style, this will help players easily get into the battle quickly. In general, the transition effects in the game is quite smooth, it will help players enjoy the excellent skills with the good quality display.

Ragnarok Rush Indonesia

Ragnarok Rush Indonesia is a mobile version of the Ragnarok Online RPG Action game which is based on the same background and story concept, but is packaged in a different kind of adventure gameplay.

Ragnarok Rush has 5 basic jobs that can be selected and played, namely Swordsman, Magician, Archer, Thief and Acolyte.

In addition, the Ragnarok Rush has a variety of interesting features. You can ask for help from monsters to joint adventure in the world of Rune Midgard, customization skill and status, party and guild system to form a solid community, card system, MVP Boss, dozens of challenging dungeon, pet system, and prestigious Guild PVP.

300 Heroes Mobile

300 Heroes are MOBA (Massively Online Battle Arena) from China. Gameplay offered is not too different from MOBA for mobile in general. However, his style is very typical of Japanese anime. His graphics are also very good and comfortable in the eyes. The drawback is that they only use Chinese, including the characters.



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