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Soccer Manager Arena


Soccer Manager Arena is the game that simulating player as manager of 4 soccer player in arena. User will control any member of their soccer team member. Gameplay is easily understand even for new gamers.

There will be tutorial after you login to make you understand better, but before of that you will get random card that you can be used as your soccer member. You can pass to your friend just by tapping your members or shoot through button. To defend, you can simply click the enemy who bring the ball and your team will after him. If you win the game, there will be card as reward that you can be used to get new characters.

General features inside the game such as Collection, Versus, Inbox, Reward, and Shop can be seen on your main lobby.

You can also see Alliance to build your what-so-called-as Guild. You can fight other Alliance and win some rewards. There's also Manager Level that you need to arrange. The others are News, Match History, Members, Card, and Challenge which you can find out by playing it.

Install, Play the game, and be the champion of arena.



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