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Unlock the Mystery: 4 Must-Play Detective Games!


We have a recommendation list of detective games you must play. Check out the details below!


For Trii.Global users and fans of detective games that are full of mystery and intrigue, we recommend several games below for you to try. Starting from tense storylines to ones full of puzzles, everything is guaranteed to be very thrilling to play!

The choice of characters from these games is also very diverse. You can play as a genius detective who has extraordinary analytical skills, to a mysterious character who turns out to be a secret agent with a mission to save the world. Choose which mystery do you want to solve?

Curious, right? Come on, let's just take a quick look at the information regarding this series of the best detective games!

1. Murdered: Soul Suspect

This game revolves around a detective from Massachusetts named Ronan O'Connor, who unfortunately died in the line of duty. But still able to continue his investigation into the character of the killer, Bell.

In his investigation, Ronan succeeded in uncovering the connection between the case and supernatural forces that often occur in the city. The storyline may be inspired by Ghost Trick: Phantom Detective, where the main character can penetrate walls to collect evidence or infiltrate people to find out further information.

2. The Darkside Detective Series

In this game, which uses a 2D pixel-art model, we will act as Detective Francis McQueen who is investigating a mysterious case in the city of Twin Lakes. Even though the setting is tense, many of the scenes and conversations are very entertaining with light jokes.

Especially his contact with his partner, Officer Dooley, which often invites laughter and is a unique combination with the mystical and horror nuances that are presented. Every time we succeed in uncovering a supernatural case, there is a further puzzle feature related to the case that requires us to think hard.

3. The Vanishing Of Ethan Carter

Still not satisfied? The next title is The Vanishing of Ethan Carter, which we can play on the PS4 console. The storyline begins with the emergence of a mysterious force which results in the disappearance of Ethan Carter's character.

The task of our main character, Detective Paul Prospero, is to find Ethan Carter again. Armed with his supernatural abilities, Paul is able to recreate an incident by tracing everything he saw and encountered at the crime scene. What will the detective experience while investigating the case?

4. The Wolf Among Us

The Wolf Among Us presents a passionate detective drama set in the fantasy world of Fabletown from the Fables comic book series. This is a game from Telltale, so it follows an episodic narrative structure with decision points that influence the outcome of the game. The art style and designs of some of the classic fairy tale characters are just as memorable as the story.

You play as the sheriff of Fabletown, the evil Big Wolf, Bigby Wolf, who is investigating the grisly murders of several townspeople with the help of allies like Snow White and Magic Mirror, as well as facing antagonists like Bloody Mary. The theme is quite dark, and almost like True Detective meets Once Upon a Time.

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