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2023 Esports President Cup Opens Registration for Open Qualification Round!


Register now with your best team to win the title and get the prizes!

The 2023 Esports President Cup is a tournament initiated by ministries and government agencies of the Republic of Indonesia. This tournament aims to find new and young potential esports talents in the country's esports industry.

Especially with prizes reaching IDR 2 billion, this is the largest non-publisher tournament in Indonesia. The 2023 Esports President Cup has entered the registration phase for two competitive mobile games; Mobile Legends: Bang Bang and Lokapala.



The Mobile Legends: Bang Bang tournament has three different qualifying paths. They are the regional qualification, open qualification round, and closed qualification. The registered teams that passed the verification will immediately start their journey.

All participant teams, even with their members coming from different regions, will fight for their last chance to be in the main event through the open qualification round.


In the meantime, the closed qualification is for all the invited teams, some of the top teams in Indonesia. The winners from this round will advance to the main event also.

Unlike other esports tournaments, the 2023 Esports President Cup also opens the registration for Mobile Legends: Bang Bang and Lokapala women's teams. The registration date will be closed until August 25, 2023.

If you are interested, you must register on the official website of the 2023 Esports President Cup, HERE.


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