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7 Easy Tips to Hone Your Skills at Playing Mobile Legends


We certainly know very well what mobile games is the most popular now, especially in Indonesia. Yup, it is Mobile Legends: Bang Bang, a 5 vs 5 Action Moba game from Moonton, which become the trend among young people today.

Don't worry if you are still relatively new to this game, because we will give you some of the easiest tips to play Mobile Legends. Check it out!

1. Master One Hero

At first, you must focus on mastering one specific hero that you think is the easiest to use and already understand how the skills of the hero work. To try it, you can enter Custom Mode and just click Practice to learn the gameplay.

If you have mastered this hero, try to play it other modes such as AI, Brawl, Classic, or even Rank with friends, or random players.

2. Set Build Item (Equipment)

After understanding a specific hero, you must set the build items for it that you can always use when playing Mobile Legends. This is an important part, because the build will determine your playing style.

For example, if you use the Marksman hero, make sure to always buy Attack items to increase damage when attacking your opponent. You can find this build item in the lower left corner with the words Prep, then enter the Equipment.

If it's still difficult to determine, you can also use the recommended build items from Top Player which are also available on the same page.

3. Don't Play Alone

For beginners, it is recommended not to play alone. Because this game requires teamwork to achieve the goal, which is to destory the opponent's resources.

Don't let yourself die silly for trying to play alone and becomes the target by by the opposing party.

4. Read the Mini Map

When playing Mobile Legends, you can see the surroundings through the mini map in the upper left corner. Keep an eye on the mini map to find out where is your opponent, team mates, Lord or Turtle are, as well as jungle monsters.

By paying attention to the mini map, you can find out all of the above to help your friends or determine when to attack and retreat.

5. Emblem Upgrade

After determining the hero that suits your gameplay, you must raise the level or upgrade the emblem in Mobile Legends which is useful for increasing the strength of the hero you are playing. For example, you choose Claude as your best hero who is a Marksman role hero, then you keep upgrading the Marksman emblem.

If you're still a newbie, the Marksman hero emblem can be replaced with a Physical emblem that you can level up. The higher the level of the emblem, the greater the strength of the hero.

6. Don't AFK

AFK or Away From Keyboard is a term for players who leave the game without returning. If you do this, then your Credit Score will be reduced as a penalty, so make sure the Credit Score must remain at 100.

The more often you AFK, there will be a minimum standard of Credit Score that makes you unable to play in rank mode.

7. Watch Live Streaming of Pro Players

To increase your knowledge of how to play Mobile Legends, you can watch live streaming in the game. Thus, you can learn how pro players play and you can immediately practice it in your game.

There you go, seven early steps and simple tips for you if you are interested in playing Mobile Legends! Are you ready to go professional now? Hehe..



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