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Showtime Cosplay Awards is Now Opening the General Category!


For those of you who are actively following the news in Cosplay community, you must be familiar with an event called SHOWTIME Cosplay Awards 2021! The first online cosplay competition to be held in the next few months.


While the registration period for the cosplay competition for A7 characters has closed, the SHOWTIME Cosplay Awards 2021 is still open for registration for GENERAL CATEGORIES, until August 6th!


For those of you who want to register, you can go directly to the official website and send photo content of your best cosplay creations. Then invite all your friends and join the voting to select the winner!

First Winner - General Category : IDR 5,500,000
2nd Winner - General Category : IDR 3,000,000
3rd Winner - General Category : IDR 2,000,000

You can get more detailed information by joining the Official WA Group SHOWTIME Cosplay Awards HERE, or click this link.


Since it was announced around last May, many cosplayers have registered and submitted their best costume photo content via the site, which is now had become the one-stop platform for anime and cosplay fans throughout Indonesia.


In the SHOWTIME online media platform, you can participate in various activities about anime and cosplay, along with other interesting features such as cosplayer profiles, video interviews, and more!

As the main attraction, of course, all users and the cosplayer community can participate in the voting event with cash prizes by choosing the best cosplayer from the category based on the Aurora 7 Indonesia (A7) character, namely:

- Best Female
- Best Male
- Most Original

The registration period for Indonesian A7 category participants has ended. From the three categories above, the voting winner will receive the following prizes:

1st place (voting) = IDR 10,000,000
2nd Place (voting) = IDR 6,000,000
3rd place (voting) = IDR 4,000,000


Meanwhile, there was also the selection of the best cosplayers based on the judges' assessment. The three categories are:

* Best Make Up
* Best Low cost
* Judge's Favorite

Each winner of the above categories will receive a prize of IDR 3,500,000. The judging team at the 2021 SHOWTIME Cosplay Awards consists of Zee Liu, Rian CYD and Ola Aphrodite.

You can get more detailed information by joining the Official WA Group SHOWTIME Cosplay Awards HERE, or click this link.



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