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[RON] Faster You Grind, Bigger Rewards Await You!


We have good news for you, Legends! A New Milestone Level is back again, with 3 more levels included!

Your progression in Rise of Nowlin is now going to be well rewarded based on the level that you had reached by grinding your way to Level 100!

The more active you play the game bigger chance for you receive many rewards. Starting from a Level 40, Level 50, Level 60, Level 70, Level 80, Level 90 and Level 100.


The rewards will include all of items that you need to level up in RON. There are Crates of Gold, Purple Signet Bags, Polishing Potions, Double / Triple EXP Cards, Deed: Horned Lion, Pirate Skins, Crystal Wings, Pink & Blue Diamonds.

Level 40
2 Crate Gold, 20 Purple Signet Bag, 20 Polishing Potion, 10 Double EXP Card, 5 Triple EXP Card, 2000 PDO

Level 50
3 Crate Gold, 50 Purple Signet Bag, 50 Polishing Potion, 20 Double EXP Card, 10 Triple EXP Card, 3500 PDO

Level 60
5 Crate Gold, 100 Purple Signet Bag, 100 Polishing Potion, 30 Double EXP Card, 15 Triple EXP Card, 1 Deed: Horned Lion, 5000 PDO

Level 70
5 Crate Gold, 150 Purple Signet Bag, 150 Polishing Potion, 40 Double EXP Card, 20 Triple EXP Card, 10000 PDO

Level 80
5 Crate Gold, 250 Purple Signet Bag, 250 Polishing Potion, 50 Double EXP Card, 25 Triple EXP Card, 20000 PDO, 3000 BDO

Level 90
5 Crate Gold, 350 Purple Signet Bag, 350 Polishing Potion, 60 Double EXP Card, 30 Triple EXP Card, 1 Pirate Skin, 30000 PDO, 10000 BDO

Level 100
5 Crate Gold, 500 Purple Signet Bag, 500 Polishing Potion, 1 Crystal Wing, 35000 PDO, 15000 BDO

Make if full party and grind your way to Level 100, Legends!



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