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Slip Master is Now Live


Following the success of our first game, Garden InvasionMelon Gaming Ltd is launching another game on the Instant Games Platform called Slip Master.

Slip Master features a masked hero named mysterious boy, with a six-pack body and dressed up with an even more mysterious outfit, that has a passion for sliding down building at night to steal other people slips!

This game requires high skills to keep on a momentum where you have to tap at the right moment to grab all the slips you can on your way down the building, while making sure to avoid numerous obstacles like women robes, drone, billboard, bat, angry residents, etc. While you will get coins by collecting mans' slips, you will also lose some if collecting women's robe, and finally touching any other obstacles will guarantee you a free fall and a game over.

Are you up to the challenge ? Then let's collect some slips!



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