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Hey ho!! It's Deadpool!!


Today, Netmarble has announced that the hit mobile game is getting a dose of silly and badassness with the debut of Deadpool and various members of X-Force in the game. These include Domino, Cable and Psylocke, all in their traditional set-ups. Stryfe also makes a debut in the game, and in addition, new outfits for Cable and Colossus are available!

“The game update also adds a new Epic Quest based off of X-Force and Deadpool and will allow players to acquire Deadpool instantly when beginning the new quest. Players can upgrade Deadpool by progressing through the Epic Quest,” the game’s press release notes.

“Players can also get excited for other changes, including Tier-3 upgrades and new ultimate skills for Deadpool in this latest update. Additionally, various events are added to celebrate the update and Marvel Studio’s 10 Year Anniversary. Players will be able to acquire rewards including 6 6-Star characters and Tier-2 Advancement Tickets through the Check-In Calendar, and acquire items for Deadpool’s advancement by trading in event quest tokens.”

The game, which has more than 86 million players around the world, is likely to see a huge boost from Deadpool and company, and we may even see some new events down the road as well. Now if we could just get Juggernaut to show up…



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