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We have 2 new games for you to test! This means, new point income for you!!

Get to know our 2 new games:

1. Soccer Manager Arena SEA

Soccer Manager Arena SEA is a sports action 1 vs. 1 real-time PVP game. Collect and upgrade dozens of cards featuring soccer players from all over the world. Customized and build your own soccer team and strategy to duel with players from all over the world and dominate them to win trophies, coins and glory in Soccer Manager Arena SEA. Form Leagues to share cards, conduct friendly matches with League's mates and build your very own soccer community.

2. Slip Master

A mysterious masked boy by night. His action is as mysterious as his costume. Slide down the building whilst taking men's slips. Take as many as you can and be careful of the obstacles you'll face. Show everyone who's the master! Download with 16MB size only and feel the fun inside the game. You will love it!



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