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Meet Louis, The Biggest Fan of Transformers on This Planet!


As a collector, of course, having many collections is a personal achievement that seems endless. Moreover, toys, there will always be new types of toys both in the presence of the latest series or special editions from where the toys come from, and this also happens to one of the most popular robot franchises in the world, namely Transformers.

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The autobot Transformers series not only produces cartoon series but also spread to various franchises such as films and get a total of 5 films. This makes a man named Louis Georgiou from Manchester, England have a total of about 2111 items or Transformers toys in his residence.

Louis began collecting Transformers toys in 2011 and he continued until he got a record in the Guinness Book of World Records as the owner of the most Transformers toys in the world.



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