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Nexon Announce KartRider CBT Starts


Hi Twigsters,
Any of you know a cute racing game KartRider? Well, developer Nexon just announces Kartrider:Drift recently entered Closed Beta on both PC and Xbox platforms. KartRider is one of the most popular Free-to-Play PC games in South Korea, with regular tournaments held for many years now. The characters are iconic too, having their own chain of merchandise not found in overseas markets. Considered as a major upgrade, KartRider: Drift is crafted using Unreal Engine 4 and supports cross-platform gameplay between PC and Xbox users, something which can be seen when matches are loading.


If you have played other kart games (Mario Kart and Sonic Kart), KartRider will be so much easy and fun!


As for the gameplay, it is very easy to get hold of and tend to be mostly on console platforms. Mario Kart Tour on mobile devices obviously does not factor in. Still, I play most of my racing games in gaming arcades and with a proper wheel controller, hence it is kind of awkward when trying to make turns and drifts using the direction pad on the right side of the keyboard. Or maybe I just have big hands. KartRider: Drift is a pleasant racing game that really works for casual and competitive players. 



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