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Black Desert Mobile – Global pre-download Now


Hi Twigsters,
Anyone waiting for Black Desert Mobile? With just mere days left before the official global launch, Pearl Abyss announces the pre-download phase. This phase aims to prevent connection issues if there will be too many downloads on launch day, so it is advisable to do so right now on Google Play and App Store.

Character Customization is a central feature of the Black Desert franchise. Black Desert Mobile offers the same level of customization as on PC and console platforms. But for further, customization from any one of the five character classes will be available on grand launch, including the Warrior, Witch, Ranger, Giant, and Valkyrie. In addition, players can claim their Family Name, an in-game nickname that will appear on top of their character.

Pearl Abbyss .jpg

As you can see from the screenshot we took below, Black Desert Mobile is divided into 3 regions for the players. We do not know if event timings will be different, but it is best to select the region from where you are from.


The character customization and family name creation will go live on 9 December, two days before the servers of Black Desert Mobile open on 11 December. As usual, the dates and times are subject to your current connecting region.



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