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Naruto Slugfest Start Pre Register


Hi Twigsters,
If you're fans of anime/manga especially Naruto, this month will be great news for you! Developer Cubinet Interactive has announced the CBT pre-registration for the upcoming English version of Naruto Slugfest.

Naruto: Slugfest is an officially-licensed open-world 3D MMORPG mobile game created under the supervision of TV Tokyo, Shueisha, and Studio Pierrot. 
Naruto is very much popular across East and Southeast Asia. Therefore, Naruto: Slugfest is already awaited by many.
The game also offers a diverse list of Ninjutsu, Taijutsu, and Genjutsu skills can be customized freely by the players giving you a diverse array of combos to discover and master.


With 100% adaptation of the Naruto Shippuden series, this latest shinobi franchise game will attract Naruto Fans and Gamers. 

Game Features:

  • Original story plot of Naruto and relive all the action once again!
  • Players will also have the opportunity to determine how the plot goes according to their choices, letting you experience different kinds of “what if” scenarios.
  • Visit all the iconic landmarks like the Hidden villages of Konoha, Suna, Kiri, Iwa, and Kumo, all faithfully recreated with next-generation cartoon rendering technology, cinematography light, and shadow effects.
  • Day and night cycle makes you more immersed in the game.
  • Explore the world of Naruto freely with its open-world sandbox setting and participate in various real-time interactive events.


The Closed Beta Phase/Early Access Phase will be available in Southeast Asia and selected regions: Australia, Singapore, Malaysia, Indonesia, Thailand, Philippines.
Registration Date Starts: November 30, 2019

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