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Rise of Nowlin Announce Re:Born Episode


Rise of Nowlin team brings all legends to Hi Example Full Name,
Leader of the Light and Dark really proud of what you have achieved and accomplished on the battlefields! The war has ignited a new definition of pride and honor. Every legend is looking for more and more new challenges.
To improve your playing experience, Rise of Nowlin will merge the server Two Camps and Shadow Lands into "Honor Ground" on Dec 4th, 2019.
As a small token, there will be rewards 500 Purple Signets and 10.000 Pink Diamonds.

After the merge server, Rise of Nowlin will brings update to enter the next episode Re:Born! Notice: All servers will be shut down during maintenance during the merge servers. We will reopen the servers as soon as the updates are ready. You can check the merge server FAQ here



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