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Girls War Z, New Zombie theme Game by Com2Us


Com2uS has announced the launch of their latest mobile game, Girl’s War Z. This game offers a unique scenario with a high school group immune to the zombie virus that is spreading throughout the world, trying to save the world from the zombie apocalypse.
The game is available in English, Korean and Chinese in more than 150 countries through Google Play and the Apple App Store.


Unlike the zombie apocalypse in general, the game Girl's War Z is very unique and different. The characters that appear in this game appear with cute adorable.

War Girl Player Z can enjoy exciting strategic gameplay with various RPG elements, including skills, team formations and also a collection of interesting and funny characters.

In celebration of the global launch, Com2uS will provide in-game currency and items as gifts to all users who log into the game over the next month. The company will also hold various events to offer generous rewards.

Com2us hopes this game can be well received by the global community because it offers a variety of fun elements, genre games are being highlighted by many gamers.



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