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Friend Get Sued After Sell Game Character


Oh noo...! A man in China spent more than $1.4 million, developing his character in the Chinese MMORPG Justice Online. As if that in itself was not bizarre enough, the man’s friend sold the avatar to someone else for $552, and the original owner had to pay another $13,000 to get it back.
Yes, this painful news out of China will make anyone wince as a man sells an MMORPG character worth $1.4 million for just $500. This man was then taken to court by his friend who was apparently the owner of the character and had just let his friend play the character. After finishing playing with the character the friend was trying to sell the character back to his friend but in his exhaustion (from playing too much) accidentally made a typo that put it on the market for far less than it was worth. It was then quickly snatched up by another player.


The owner of the character took both his friend and NetEase to court. The case was settled with the mediation of a judge online. In the end, NetEase revoked the transaction and the plaintiff paid the buyer $12,789 in damages. After the settlement, the local court in Sichuan posted on social media about the case saying that it was a great example of the protection of digital assets and warning gamers not to spend too much on video games. Clearly they should have also reminded people to sleep before you make any big purchases or sales.

I really wish there was more information available about the character because I would love to see what a character worth $1.4 million looks like. Let this be an important lesson to anyone selling anything in a game, check that price three times before you put it up for sale.

source: MMOGAMES



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