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Lokapala, New Indonesian MOBA Set Release Date


Couple of weeks ago we already hear about the upcoming of an original Indonesian MOBA game, Lokapala. The developer Anantarupa Studio reportedly aims to release the game in January 2020.

Lokapala is a MOBA (Multiplayer Online Battle Arena) game made original by the Indonesian, with a story based on the wayang puppet story.

lokapala inside5y.jpg


This MOBA concept, 5v5 format with 3 lanes filled with towers to defend the attack of opponents who want to destroy the base. This crude game talk is similar to the concept of Mobile Legends, Dota 2, Vainglory and other mobile games.

At this time, Lokapala has been nominated as a candidate for the game that will be played at the 2020 President Cup. With the game that Lokapala participated in the upcoming 2020 President Cup will help assist this Indonesian-made game among Indonesians before moving to Asia. The developer also has planned the roadmap to release global

lokapala inside5.jpg

What do you think about the news? Don’t forget to participate in the pre-registration of Lokapala! And don’t forget to follow TRii social media account for more articles about games.



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