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Blizzard Wins Overwatch Clone Lawsuit in China


Overwatch, which was released in 2016, has indeed greatly influenced the game world. Interesting game genre FPS (First Person Shooter) and Class-Based Game is attracting the attention of many gamers. On this basis too many who want to make clones of Overwatch. This also happened in China. Where one game publisher caught copying Overwatch 100% and claims a mobile platform without permission from Blizzard.

This case hit the 4399 Network developer who made a game called Heroes of Warfare and Gunplay Battlefront. They took all Overwatch assets without paying royalty payments to Blizzard. Because Blizzard is run with NetEase in China, Blizzard through NetEase cast copyright agreements to 4399 networks. Because a lot is seen between this game and Overwatch.


Because of this problem, 4399 had to pay a sum of 570,000 USD or the equivalent of 8 billion Rupiah in the aftermath of their actions. Although the game Heroes of Warfare is unclear whether the development is still accepted or not by 4399 Network. But launching from Gamerant, many games from 4399 Network that plagiarized many famous games in the world.

Hopefully, something like this will not happen again, yeah. Because the original game must have a separate attraction with the game that is immediately taken up the trend or immediately approved by other games instantly. Success will not come if we continue to use instant methods.



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