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Rise of Nowlin Ready Coming to iOS


Rise of Nowlin is one of the latest MMORPG that successfully ported to mobile devices gained positive response from gamer/players. After successful ported to Android devices in three countries: Singapore, Malaysia, and the Philippines, the sprawling MMO was recently announced to come to iOS devices.
No matter your preference, Rise of Nowlin aims to bring the finest game into a new era and worthwhile addition to your smartphone.

Rise of Nowlin team already gave some clues about plans and info about App Store via live streaming on the official fan page.


With the iOS port of cross-platform MMORPG,  Rise of Nowlin has announced a new server to coincide with the App Store release date. The new server "Shadow Lands" Open Celebration will welcome players with plenty of events as our previous article


New server Shadow Lands will be a great CHANCE and the right place for "newcomers" to start the journey and leveling, as well as for experienced players who already join the first server, to achieve more high rank and gain eternal legacy as true legends!

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