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Bad North: Jotunn Edition is Out Now on Android


Raw Fury finally released the new game Bad North: Jotunn Edition onto the Play Store. If you don’t know who Raw Fury is, they are the developers who brought us viking wars, Kingdom New Lands, Kathy Rain, and Dandara.

Bad North: Jotunn Edition is a fantastic looking tower defense game with roguelike elements. You play as the son of a murdered king and have to save your various islands from the invading Vikings.


Your job in Bad North is to command squads of soldiers in order to defend a group of islands from Viking invaders. The roguelike elements come in the form of randomly-generated islands, and because the shape, layout, and elevations of each island can play an important role in the strategy you use, it can feel like quite a different game each time you play it. It also means that when you aren’t careful and the commanders of your squad bite the dust, well, they’re dead and gone. Luckily you’ll be able to recruit more commanders and acquire a ton of different items to help you on your journey.


Each island will have one or more houses in which the Vikings will try to torch to the ground the second they have the chance and, besides simply surviving, protecting these houses is crucial. You’ll earn coins for the ones you manage to save and those coins feed into the upgrade system in the game, so if you aren’t diligent with saving the houses from a fiery demise then you’ll quickly find yourself ill-equipped to take on the game’s increasing challenge.



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