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ArcheAge Begins Tips for New Adventurers



There's a lot of fun to be had in ArcheAge Begins and these tips apply in any case.

How do heroes learn new skills?

Go to the Hero Management menu, tap on a hero, then tap on 'Talent' to see its hero tree.


You get materials for hero talents from the Legacy of Heroes.

How to join a raid

You can either start a raid party with friends and guildmates by tapping the raid itself, or you can tap on the 'Party Matching' button to choose an eligible hero and enter the party queue.

What is the fastest way to level up heroes?

Without a doubt, the Library. Unfortunately it's quite expensive.

How to get rare heroes?

Rare heroes are just that: rare. You have to obtain shards for rare heroes in order to summon them, or buy a package with them directly. The shards are gained via Hero Boxes in the Shop.


You need a bunch of X, how am I even supposed to get that?

Via auto-repeating (otherwise referred to as auto-grinding here) stages that drop the materials you need. It doesn't matter what it is; whether equipment, housing, or talent materials. You have to auto-grind.

I don't know where to grind!

A good rule of thumb: Choose either the Legacy of Heroes stage you've most recently cleared or choose a X-5 or X-10 Saga stage.

Team composition

You should be building your parties based on your opponents. If the boss (or enemy team in PvP) has high DEF and low magic resist, go with a Mage-heavy team. The game will often give you advice on what to include before going into a stage.


One thing that a number of new players don't take into account is hero synergies.

Each hero has its own skills that mesh better with some compositions than others, and a number of heroes fit squarely into a niche. For instance, the Musician Choa buffs ally ATK and crit while reducing enemy DEF. This sounds great, but makes her almost useless in a Magic-heavy team.

Along with keeping synergies in mind, you should consider breaking the "1 tank, 2x DPS, 1 healer" trinity. There are some teams where you're better off mixing it up, and often when you're auto-grinding stages (which you should be) it'll save you a lot of time going with a team you can clear the stage with quickly, rather than safely.

Avoid DoTs

At the time of writing, DoTs (damage over time skills) are broken and will only tick for 1 damage. This will hopefully be fixed soon and I will be updating this guide when it is fixed, but for the time being just avoid relying on heroes with DoTs.


The importance of Daily Challenges and when to claim your rewards

Daily Challenges are going to be a huge source of XP throughout your entire time playing ArcheAge Begins.

At early levels, Daily Challenges will be your primary method of leveling up, and you want to use those wisely. Each time you level up you're granted a chunk of Stamina, which adds on top of your current Stamina and can go well-past your normal limit.


You want to time your Daily Challenge reward claims for when you're ready to set your mobile device down and auto-grind on a stage or two for a few hours, which should be happening...pretty much every day, all the time. In order to progress at all you have to do a lot of auto-grinding, and using your Stamina rewards is a big aspect of doing that well.

As a reminder, your Daily Challenges reset each day. If you have to go to bed or step away for the rest of the day, it's best to just claim all your rewards so you level up and can come to the game fresh and with extra Stamina the next day.

How to use the Marketplace & Trade

The whole point of the Marketplace seems to be a bit lost on most of the playerbase as it stands, so let's go over its purpose and how to use it.


Basic and specialty goods can be sold on the Marketplace, and as a new player your first several forays into dealing with the Marketplace will probably be buying and selling Wriggly Worms and Cow Feed to get your Token amount up.

There are some things to know as someone new to the Marketplace:

  • Goods prices vary based on how much you and other players are buying and selling, so pay attention to the prices of those you're interested in trading,
  • Between Wriggly Worms and Cow Feed, the worms are more rare and are better to play the market with,
  • You only get bundles of Tokens from certain challenge rewards, events, and real money purchases; but you can make a great deal on the market,
  • Buy and sell in bulk as the prices will change with each transaction.
  • So why bother knowing all this? Because Tokens can be used to purchase some pretty useful stuff, and you can essentially convert them into gold via trading.

There's a lot to wrap your head around in ArcheAge Begins, but luckily it's not anywhere near as complicated as ArcheAge itself. All you need is a little know-how and a lot of AFK auto-grinding.



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