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Old Fighting Game, Samurai Shodown Reborn as Mobile Game


Samurai Shodown, also known as Samurai Spirits, is a pretty classic fighting game from SNK, so I wouldn’t be surprised if younger gamers haven’t heard of the series. A new Unreal Engine 4 reboot is set to be launched later this year, but before that a few mobile games were already in the making. I have tried out one before, and Samurai Shodown M here is developed in South Korea and set to launch by Joycity. In case you have forgotten, Joycity is the games company behind titles such as Freestyle 2 and various mobile games.

Set to launch in South Korea this March, Samurai Shodown M is a full 3D mobile action RPG, with players able to choose from 4 playable classes. I am not sure how classic characters such as Haohmaru and Nakoruru fits in, but I am guessing they will be in some kind of support or transformation system. Listed as a mobile MMORPG, players can expect Samurai Shodown M to have PVE maps, along with PVP modes including 3 vs 3 and a battle royale. Joycity is touting the game has already reached 500,000 pre-registration thus far.



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