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7 Most Expensive items on gaming industry


How many of you ever try to sell and buy items in games? 90% gamers did. Real money trader or RMT is becoming normal habits from past generation until now. Even the items is not real items that you can use on your real world, but the addiction and interest to have the items keep making you doing the RMT.

Here is 7 most expensive items on gaming industry on records:


7. Zeuzo - World of Warcraft - 9,500 USD
One of players sold their elf character with 70 levels including all rare items inside the account. But Blizzard deleting the character because it's violating their terms and condition.

echoing fury.PNG

6. Echoing Fury Mace - Diablo III - 14,000 USD
Diablo III allow RMT through their auction system. At the first time, the item only worth for 250 USD and after so many times it's being sold on the market, they just realized the items rarity and it reached 14,000 USD for the price.


5. Sword - Age of Wulin - 16,000 USD
Before the game is released, players already waiting for the launch. One player even buy the sword items for 16,000 USD only for dominating the game sooner.

ethereal flames.PNG

4. Ethereal Flames Pink War Dog - Dota2 - 38,000 USD
Dota2 always giving new cosmetic items on market to buy. One of most hillarious items is Ethereal Flames Pink War Dog, the items sold for 38,000 USD by chinese gamer.


3. Amsterdam - Second Life - 50,000 USD
Second life is a simulation game which give you freedom to create your own social environment like in the real life. Someone create Amsterdam city inside the game which look a like with the real one. He put the content on eBay and success sold the content for 50,000 USD.

Crystal palace.PNG

2. Crystal Palace Space Station - Entropia - 330,000 USD
Entropia also allowing RMT since 2003. In this game, you can trade your in game money with USD on 10:1 ratio. One of place called Crystal Palace Space Station sold for 330,000 USD.

club neverdie.PNG

1. Club Neverdie - Entropia - 635,000 USD
Still from the same game, a place called Club Neverdie is sold for 100,000 USD. In fact, the place is so famous and being favorite by most of the players. In a short time, the owner sold the place for 6 times more! 635,000 USD!

Playing games really worth some benefit right?
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