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Revolve8 Head-to-Head with Clash Royale



Revolve8 is Sega's take on Clash Royale, and it's globally available now.

Sega has officially launched their mobile real-time strategy game Revolve8 on the Play Store. It's free-to-play and exudes a flashy anime theme for its stylized fairy tale characters. The gameplay revolves around 3-minute online PvP matches where players pull from a deck of eight cards to send out heroes to destroy their opponent's towers, much like Clash Royale.

Some people may call Revolve8 a clone since the game is noticeably very similar to strategy titles like Clash Royale. Much like a tower defense game, it's your job to take out your opponent's towers under the three-minute time limit. To do this, you will strategically pull cards from your hand-crafted deck to send out heroes to attack your enemy.


Revolve8 is indeed a free-to-play release, which means it includes plenty of in-app purchases. They range up to $79.99 per item. Luckily there are no advertisements inserted into the game, so you are free to play without any intrusive distractions.

Clash Royale clones are nothing new on the Play Store, but it sure would be nice to see major gaming companies like Sega putting in a little more effort for its mobile releases. That's not to say there is anything particularly wrong with Revolve8; it's just sad that the game was designed to mainly offer the same strategic PvP gameplay we've all seen before. Sure, it may be nice to have the option to play an anime-themed game similar to Clash Royale, I just wish Sega could come up with something a little more original instead of rehashing played-out ideas to make a quick buck.



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