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Nonstop Show New Game on TRii


Hi Twigsters!

In the previous News Article we were talking Nonstop Show Game and Nonstop Show Features, now we will tell you why you should install Nonstop Show Game!

Nonstop Show is a 2D casual game that has simple gameplay, that has released by Wisageni Studio on June 6, 2018. Everyone can play this game because it has really simple gameplay. start your career as a street musician to be the real superstar Idol in Music World! 

It has 4 Stages location such Bus, Restaurant, Town Garden, Stage. If Some Mini-games for getting more revenue: Wheel of Fortune, Om Telolet Om, Test your fortune with lucky box, Mantabs Video and Smash the Cockroach.

You can choose 4 Main Characters to choose for playing Mimin, Ari Hamzah, Budi Gudboi and Korean k-pop girl: Sun Gwe Dong. Learn new moves, costume and equipment variations for each character.

You can even Decorate your bus, restaurant, and garden with Banner, Air Conditioner, Curtain, New Wallpaper as you like. You can play your own music's collection in game.  (Song List Menu can be accessed through the upper right button. Use any mp3 or wave song you have)

Game content and ads are safe for kids and family. Nonstop Show can be played offline, small size for your gadget storage Nonstop Show Game just need 33MB to play.

Now, you can test Nonstop Show on TRii. Because Nonstop Show will come to give live service and build a good partnership with TRii today!

You can test, give a rating, and review Nonstop Show to earn more points!

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