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Nonstop Show Game


Hi Twigster!

Wisageni Studio has released Nonstop Show, a 2D casual game that has simple gameplay, so everyone can play it and will be loved by kids! Anyone started a career as a street musician to be the real superstar Idol in Music World! 

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Inside a bus, your dream and fun journey begin. Keep practicing, dress up, you can be a rich and famous top celebrity. Dance along with your friends. An idle clicker game just taps your characters to start dance and entertain everyone!

Shake your phone or tablet and body, using your own favorite hit songs. From pop, rock, country, jazz, hip hop, reggae, or dangdut! Along with funny Mr. Driver and Kendang Guy, manage your earnings to upgrade your skills, costumes, and various cool and awesome stages.

New Route will give you new audiences. Upgrading your audiences can increase your revenue.

Stay tuned on TRii for more updates!



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