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How to Find Bug and Defects on Game Testing


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Have you ever did a Game Testing, especially Bug Testing? If you're TRii loyal user, you must have done Bug Testing to complete your Jobs on TRii right?

Testing plays is an important role in every development step of a game. A game testing is done at different levels of the development process to detect various defects and bugs.

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There is some way to find bugs in the game :

Exploratory testing: Game testers play games like the regular end users do, to find bugs and defects. Different testers have various ways and approach to play the game that helps in discovering bugs or defects.

Break the rules: Do not follow the same set of instructions every time while testing. Go beyond the scope of test cases to find potential vulnerability or defect and choose different ways to achieve the same result

Use unconventional method: Play a game in the wrong order or incorrectly, such as not doing any actions, skipping some steps and observe the changes that happen.

Use all functions everywhere: Try to use all functions even at every stage even if it is not of any use at that point.

Try things that are not allowed: Press buttons rapidly at different places. Before finishing level retrace steps and check the result

Examine Effects: Try playing games with minimum inputs or minimum user actions. Similarly, try playing games with maximum inputs. Try to walk through walls, obstructions or objects and examine the effects

Test cases: Production or development team suggests testers the specific areas of a game that needs to be tested. Testers follow test cases given by the development team and complete each action as per given directions.

Functionality testing: Test menu and every menu function, and assure that it is working correctly.

Durability testing: Test for odd situations like load game without a memory card, run the game for 48 hours and check how game respond

Appoint different testers for the same job: If the same tester is performing test cases over and over for every new build, then the person may lose enthusiasm and focus. This can lead to missed defects or bugs. New testers will start work with a new point of view and can find new bugs if any. Always rotate testers to get the best results.

Performance Testing: A game with incredible graphics and features may still fail to satisfy a player if the game is too slow or freeze up at certain levels. The critical success factor of a game is its underlying development and testing. For this, run a game without pause or keep on increasing the number of players if it is a multi-player game.

Running such tests would give you data on how the performance is at high load and if there is any bugs detected. If the results show performance issues, then it means that your game has bugs that need to be fixed.

There are types of bugs, that you usually saw in game testing:

Crash or Hang: If a game suddenly freezes or closes, then it is a very important bug that slows down the development process.

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Gameplay defects: When a particular feature is not doing its intended function, it is said to be a gameplay defect.

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Collision: Incorrect physics of 3D objects.

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Logic: Artificial intelligence affects factors such as movement and positioning of players.

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Graphics: Corruption of graphics, missing textures, etc

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Text: Wrong, missing or wrongly spelled text, text extending out of the textbox

Sound: Missing or wrong sound effects, lip sync not matching the sound

Music: Inconsistency, change of volume, looping effect

There are many more similar defects which can be found in peripherals, dialogues, loading games, networks, consumer rating, etc.

So, there are tips for doing Game Testing or Bug Testing.

After that, you can report the bugs cases that you find to the developer, and they can fix every bug even the small one, then increase the performance of your favorite game. 

Stay tuned on TRii for more "Game Tips and Tricks" and more updates!

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