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ShellFire Coming on TRII !


Hi Twigsters!

According our two previous game news article about ShellFire First MOBA FPS  and ShellFire Game Features, we will tell  you one more about ShellFire.

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Background Story:

People call it the D-Day, the apocalypse where humans' lives were collapsing by a nuclear reign. 
But those peculliars remained as the survivors, made a life choice among the factions. 

Dawn Guards: The faction where humans are reborn to be enlighten and directed from losing in the darkness. They're trying to protect people's hope and strive to a sincere peace.

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Revenant Corp: The faction where humans are reborn to rule the world by any ways possible. They're eager to take control of the potential world, including humans' lives. 

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Now, you can test ShellFire on TRii. Because ShellFire will come and build a good partnership with TRii today!

You can test, give rating, and review ShellFire to earn more points!

Have a nice day with ShellFire~



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