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Slam your friend using axe!


Axe.IO (Free) is one of those frantic multiplayer games with an captivating edge to it that will have you keep coming back for another round. The game has a very charming and colorful art style with simple, yet, tricky gameplay.You will be running around various maps ranging from courtyards to castles and swinging an axe at other players or a dragon (yes you heard that right there is a co-op mode where you take on dragons). When you miss, you have to frantically grab your ax that you dropped or find a new one to pick up.

In terms of the way this game is structured, it is free to play and offers IAPs, but they are unobtrusive. The game allows you to purchase diamonds than can be used for a variety of tasks in game: from purchasing additional characters to reviving your fallen her faster. Keep in mind that there are many different characters for you to play or win here, with some of the top ones costing a whopping 30,000 diamonds, which in real-world prices will set you back more than $30.

What sets the game apart from other similar mobile offerings is it has a nice and varied set of maps as well as game modes. There is the previously-mentioned co op mode that has you teaming up with friends or players online to slay dragons. That mode is called Dragon Hunter and it is your basic team game where you team up to take on a colosal foe with a lot of firepower and hit points. Each time you die you can respawn, so the mode isn’t incredibly challenging or engaging as some of the others. There is also the classic deathmatch and even a last-man standing mode.

One thing that keeps the game from true greatness is that it gets very repetitive. This is particularly in the beginning where you only have one character and axe to throw and no sword yet. However, as you engage the match and level up (hard to do in the last-man standing mode) you will see additional perks and (sword or multiple axes) weapons available. Also, as you keep playing you will earn additional characters. So, there is definite incentive to keep going. However, you still have to fight that repetition and hopefully Crescent Moon Games will keep supporting the game with updates to keep things fresh.



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