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Google Test Play Pass


Google confirmed that they are testing a new subscription service called the Play Pass. Google Play Pass offers various types of games ranging from puzzles, RPG adventures, to life simulation games like Stardew Valley, for a lower price than buying it directly.

This pass will give you access to a load of premium mobile games, for the low price of $4.99 or around IDR 75.000,-. a month. However, it is still unknown when exactly the Google Play pass will be issued, or whether the subscription will be successful when it comes out on the market. The author himself hopes that the Google Play pass will not only be a wish given by the developer.


Does the Google Play Pass differ enough from the Apple Arcade to attract enough players? It’s still too early to say exactly what games they will offer in the Play Pass, but it seems to have the modern-day gamer in mind.


Earlier this year, Apple announced it would release Apple Arcade, which is a monthly subscription issued by Apple that gives users access to various types of premium games. Not to be outdone by Apple, Google released a monthly subscription of its own with the name Google Play Pass!



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