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A Localization Error Makes BDO Players Very Angry


Hi Twigsters,
A small typo during localization can have huge consequences? Well, that's what happens to some of the Black Desert Online players lately. The developer Kakao Games has to handle and sort out the hard way when a minor translation error for a guild event resulted in a guild reward fiasco and a lot of angry players.


A few weeks ago, Kakao ran a massive guild PvP event called Operation Guild Support promising 3 billion Silver for constructing a Guild Fort in Node Wars and 7 billion Silver for building a Command Post or Guild Fort in Conquest Wars. Apparently, they mistakenly added an extra zero to the promised amount during localization because come payday, the studio announced that they were only going to award 300 million and 700 million respectively.



Unsurprisingly, this caused an uproar, with affected guilds and players claiming that the reward, once split, won’t even be enough to cover their costs to participate in the said event. Kakao has handed out Golden Bells as compensation but players still feel that they’ve been cheated.



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