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TikTok Features Review


TikTok applications that have been viral in mid-2018 turned out to have many advantages.
Although it was banned by the government through communication and information technology, TikTok transformed into an application that seeks to educate its users.
With the development of TikTok in a positive direction, more and more features will be added to the TikTok application.


There is no need for an account to see the video in the Tik Tok application. Yes,unlike other applications, TikTok is arguably an easy-to-use application.
You don't need to have your own account to be able to see the videos in TikTok.
Of course, this is useful for those of you who are sometimes lazy to enter an application with your account.
In TikTok you can use the application to view videos without the account you have.

The video duration in the TikTok is only 15 seconds. With short and short duration, it makes people who use this application more efficient on internet quota. In addition, the short duration of the video will not make people bored.


Not only used to create content, but you can even use the sharing feature of the TikTok application. With this sharing feature, content that has been created can be directly accessed from other social media applications such as Instagram.

This content sharing feature is one feature that needs to be controlled when you use Tik Tok. Your video content can be accessed easily by anyone, especially if you are sharing content on Instagram by adding the hashtag (Tik) that is popular.

Using the features of the Tik Tok application you can make it easier to use the same editing tricks. You can develop creativity and imagine freely expressing when making videos.

Instagram initially focused more on photo and video documentation content, so the Boomerang feature is also not the main feature of the application. Meanwhile, the Tik Tok application is designed to be able to create content in the form of unique audiovisual content that is short in duration.

With the TikTok application users can add background music to make videos that are made more alive.
The choice of background music offered is arguably quite a lot and up to date.

There are no ads on the Tik Tok application
Finally, the advantage of the TikTok application compared to other applications is that this application has no ads.



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