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goGame Announces Legend Fantasy


Legend Fantasy is a Mobile MMO from goGame where you get to play as either a Knight, Mage or Enchanter. Each of these character has it’s own unique skills and abilities for Players to explore.


Game Modes
Formidable PVE dungeons and intense PVP battlefields are waiting to be conquered. Whether you’re a solo or co-op player, venture into untamed monster-filled dungeons to discover its treasures. Enter the adrenaline-rushing PVP arena and showdown against other players in real-time 3v3 and 10v10 game modes.


Auto Pathing System
Utilise the one-touch auto pathing system to progress swiftly through quests and your daily grind. This intuitive function trains your character while you’re away, allowing you the flexibility to focus your free time on the strategic game modes.

The game is now available on Singapore, Malaysia, Philippines and Thailand and can be download rom local App or Play Store.
goGame is a mobile game company headquartered in Singapore, with offices in Malaysia, Philippines, Taiwan, Thailand, and Vietnam. Founded in July 2015 by industry veteran David Ng, the company first made headlines for securing major investments from gaming giant SEGA and venture capitalist Incubate Fund Japan. Today, goGame is a 200-strong team collaborating on projects with SEGA, Disney, Colopl and most recently, Viacom.



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