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Daggerhood Pixel Art Cool


Crescent Moon Games has confirmed on Twitter that its latest pixel art platformer, Daggerhood, launches on Android today.

The best part is, us Androiders are going to get some form of “nice surprise” for waiting so long.



Daggerhood is a challenging retro platformer with stages that regularly take under thirty seconds to complete. The catch? It’s hard to grab the collectables and finish under the time limit, so it is not uncommon to attempt the same stage three, five, ten times, or perhaps even more before finally pulling it off. This can be frustrating, at times, but the sense of accomplishment after finally, finally figuring out how to grab that fairy in under six seconds and finish under sixteen is well worth the effort.

Daggerhood also utilizes a really interesting mechanic where you’re able to toss a dagger out in front of your character and then teleport yourself to the location of the dagger. The majority of the game is built around mastering this teleporting mechanic.



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