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Warface New Mission Humanoid Robot

20/05/2019 announced an epic content update coming in June for the next-generation military online shooter, Warface, which includes a massive “Mars” co-op campaign and a unique “Armageddon” battle pass. This multi-layered update will bring big changes to Warface’s gameplay. The update brings players to the Red Planet, tasked to rescue human colonists from the invading evil Blackwood military organization.


For the very first time, players will be completing the mission by playing as fearsome SEDs – humanoid robots programmed with their own combat style and unique modular weapons. The humanoid special modular weapons, called Arcus, do not require ammunition. Instead, players will have to monitor blaster battery, preventing it from overheating. Arcus modular weapons will have three firing modes: automatic, sniper and the third mode, which will become available after completing several challenges.


The “Mars” experience will also feature new enemies and two brand new bosses. During the playthrough, players will experience low gravitation and explore vast open locations of the Martian desert as well as interiors of the Earth colony on the Red Planet. The key to success in the mission is well-coordinated teamwork: the game features stealth episodes that will reward team work.

Alongside the “Mars” campaign launch, an “Armageddon” battle pass will be released. During three consecutive months of the “Armageddon”, players will be able to complete more than 100 PvP and PvE challenges, that will allow them to get unique weapons and camouflage of the Phobos and Deimos series, as well as the Armageddon armor set and dozens of new achievements. As the grand prize, players can get Typhoon-12, the new unique shotgun for the Medic.



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