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Razer Introduce 3 Star Wars Themes Peripherals


Hi Twigsters,
Just in time for the most important day of May, Razer bring the force to your setup with three new Star Wars-inspired peripherals.

Razer introduced a new, limited edition line of Star Wars Stormtrooper™ peripherals. Smashing the worlds of film and games together in a physical, usable fashion is playing to Razer’s strengths while giving Star Wars fans the chance to personalise their gaming setup with a suite of goodies all available in a stylish black and white ‘Stormtrooper’ colour scheme. The Razer BlackWidow Lite keyboard, dainty Atheris wireless mouse, and Goliathus Extended Gaming mouse mat are all available from Razer now.


“Star Wars is a cultural phenomenon with a rich history not only in cinema, but also in gaming,” said Razer Co-Founder and CEO Min-Liang Tan. “We are excited to have joined forces with Disney to create this limited edition for our biggest fans and bring one of the saga’s most iconic characters to life.” So, if you’re a big Star Wars fan who games, these are the peripherals you’ve been looking for. They don the infamous design, are reasonably priced, and are still honed for gaming, productivity, and performance.


Your eye may well be drawn to the most immediately-striking member of this new peripheral group: the pocket-sized Atheris wireless mouse. The Stormtrooper Edition integrates the famous bucket-head helmet into its design and makes the pointer stand out, harnessing a world-famous prop. It’s instantly recognizable and adds to the mouse’s ornamental value for fans of the franchise.
This ergonomic mouse is designed for long use and will allegedly last you around 300 hours.


Next, the BlackWidow Lite keyboard is the priciest piece of kit at $100 / £100. It's got the most going on, however. It comes armed with Razer Orange Mechanical Switches which are designed for gaming but can be customized to be quieter and brighter to suit one’s tastes.


The Stormtrooper Edition features individually-backlit keys, but emblazoned on its surface is the bold Stormtrooper top plate that makes it unusual and distinct, topped off by a black-and-white braided cable and an Imperial crest on the escape key.

Rounding the whole package off, and bedding it all on to your desk, is the Goliathus Extended mouse mat. This has a grand Stormtrooper-centric design that really ties the whole set together and builds on Razer’s best-selling soft gaming mouse mat (the regular Goliathus mat), sharing in all that makes it popular and effective, with a taut weave optimal for all mouse sensor types that’ll have your pointer flying across the surface at a rate of parsecs, durable anti-fray material and anti-slip rubber base underneath.


This large boy will immediately change the look of your gaming setup with its 11.5” x 36” (294mm x 920mm) size.

Plan to set Razer’s Stormtrooper-themed keyboard, mouse, and mat on your desk?



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