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The Zombie Age 3 is a new age android gaming app which provides the user with one of the best graphics that not for once makes the user feel as we are playing a virtual game at absolutely free of cost. In previous articles, we already get the first impression about Zombie Age 3 as side-scrolling action. The gameplay is designed to give the user the first-hand experience of adventure and thrill of being the only hope of survival in a zombie apocalypse. Great news! Now you can play and take the Zombie Age on TRii!


It’s dark and the road is filled with smoke, fire is rushing out of the windows of the buildings and screams are what fill the air. With sweat forming on your face and your heart beating as fast as it possibly could. You hear slow footsteps approaching towards you. Scares to death, you fear to turn back knowing what’s in store. Buy out of the blue a sudden boost of adrenaline kicks in and you reach for the gun in your pocket, turn around and shoot the undead zombie in its face. But you cannot stop because it’s a zombie invasion!!!



Like all modern zombie-themed games, you can never be certain of what’s in store for you. The city is overrun by horrible zombies and you have to clear it from them. Try to survive in this madness and use different methods of fighting zombies. You need to gather all the survivors, form the right strategy, collect all the weapons and go to war because it’s either kill or be killed.

The graphics are bright with a cartoony feel and do take the edge off any horror you might have expected. There is only a faint soundtrack that highlights the hollow rasping of zombies as they shuffle on unsteady legs towards you. There are various missions to complete, like protecting a hostage (who stupidly but effectively keeps bonking the zombie’s heads with a wooden sword) or simply killing a certain number of one type of zombie. There is also the cooperative mode where your friends can join in the zombie killing action.

Despite how it looks, Zombie Age 3 does provide a sufficient challenge. Completing each level is deeply satisfying as you are airlifted by a helicopter at the end of your journey.


So you’re still alive… Congrats!... But for how long when they have you absolutely outnumbered? What are you prepared to do?... Keep playing as a lone hero killing every walking dead on the route? Zombie Age 3 is one of the best zombie shooters built for mobile devices. It's about winning the war for humans against zombies.....



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