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Dragon Raja, Sandbox With Unreal Engine


Epic Games and Loong Entertainment have revealed new details about their new sandbox open-world mobile MMORPG titled Dragon Raja. The game was initially called Project:SU when it was revealed at GDC 2019. Dragon Raja will give a multiplayer experience with a world adapted from the popular Korean fantasy novel of the same name about a never-ending war between Dragons, humans and half-bloods.


“Dragon Raja creates an ultra free-form sandbox for players to experience,” says Loong Entertainment CEO and chairman Li Qing. “The combination of full day, weather and seasonal cycles, plus rich animation and cinematics blended with lots of minute details make this a game that will draw players into its dynamic and immersive world."

Players of Dragon Raja will experience a growing and living sandbox game world in real-time with inverse dynamics and physics. PvP battles will support up to 100 players in one match.


Dragon Raja is developed using the Unreal Engine 4 and aims to create one of the most pleasing graphical MMO experience for players. Loong Entertainment CEO and Chairman, Li Qing says that the game will have a “combination of full day, weather and seasonal cycles, plus rich animation and cinematics blended with lots of minute details”.


Dragon Raja is the first series of fantasy novels written by Lee Yeongdo, one of the most famous fantasy novelists in South Korea. The books chronicle the adventures of a 17-year-old boy Hoochie Nedval, his mentor Karl Heltant and his friend Sanson Percival, all of whom are from the poor town of Fief Heltant in the Kingdom of Bysus. The main story arc, told in the first-person by Hoochie, concerns the three's quest to rescue their people from the black dragon Amurtaht by finding money to pay the ransom; then to find and protect a lost dragon raja girl, who would serve as the bridge between people and dragons and stop a crimson dragon that terrorized the continent 20 years ago.

Now as a spoiler comparison, you can take a look on the video below.



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