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Fruits Strike: The Art of Cutting


Fruits Strike game offered by Malaysian Go Games Sdn. Bhd. Cutting some fruit that rotates above the blender blade and collecting it automatically so that it becomes juice is the exciting game of Fruits Strike to play in a relaxed time.

Simple gameplay targets rotating fruit or flying fruit ninja style. Fruits strike will make you addicted to split fruits. Eits, be careful because among some fruit there is a bomb trap that will fly to outwit when we aim at the fruit. When we aim at the fruit or about the bomb, then the value of the fruit that has been cut off will be lost or charred, meaning that to reach the value or towards a higher level we need to collect the pieces again. The more you cut the fruit collected then the level will increase.
Maybe you would think playing this game is easy and easy but in fact, you will feel it yourself after trying it.


After finishing aiming the fruit that is spinning and collected in the blender container, the coins will increase. This game also has a reduced time limit, of course, it will end if time is wasted.

If we do 3 times errors aiming at the spinning or flying fruit, the game will end. That's an interesting thing for the players of this game because with that the curiosity to try again is even more exciting!!


In order to collect more discarded pieces that spin or fly more, you should replace the sharper blades of course by buying with your coins collected.

What do you think? Ready to be a fruit handyman who cuts fruit?
Hopefully useful and good luck!



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