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5 Tips For Gamers During Fasting


Hi Twigsters,

Entering the first week of Ramadan means fasting month for moslem around the globe. For the youth, playing video games is indeed one of the best ways to produce time-wrap effects. You can pass the time with extra fast, which also makes you forget the feeling of fatigue, hunger, and because of the effects of fasting.


However, there are a number of notes that are worth discussing before engaging in this one activity. All of course to ensure one thing: that the game will support your fasting activities and support appearing as a temptation against the destruction of it.


1. Play the Nostalgic Game
For those of you who happen to have run out of ingredients to be tested during the fasting month, this one option seems interesting to be an alternative choice. Not just a nostalgic nuance, but not a few classic games that are still able to offer quality gameplay and visualization that are relevant to date, even some are able to perform better. Cleaning and reviving your old console or just downloading an emulator that is widespread in cyberspace, tasting back the classic series like it will help you pass the fasting month optimally.
For PC gamers, you can also play classic titles like Heroes: Might & Magic, Warcraft, Romance 3 Kingdoms, etc.


2. Avoid Games with High Difficulties
If your game instincts can only be satisfied by playing super difficult games? Do you even define yourself as a hardcore gamer? Entering the holy month that requires you to control emotions, especially anger, is a wise choice to avoid games that are known to offer high levels of difficulty like this. Why? Because it is very likely that the irritation that you have to face when trapped in the same level or enemy repeatedly has the potential to cause anger, and which ultimately is often expressed through the level of behavior or harsh words. Choose a game that can still be "enjoyed" calmly during the month of Ramadan.



3. Games with Unlimited Quest (RTS)
All video games are of course able to bring up time-warp effects, especially if you are playing games that you like. But it must be admitted or not, there are several games that are designed to make you forget time very easily. The main characteristics? They offer mechanical designs with quests that seem unlimited, or require a long time to complete. A game that will make your brain keep demanding you to last 5 more minutes, one more level, one more area, one more item, and so on. Games like Civilization, Age of Empire or The Sims are among the most effective at doing this.



4. Play A Competitive but Fun Games
Beside games that provide a myriad of quests that will attract you to continue playing, similar effects can also be generated by games that are focused on producing competitive multiplayer experiences. What is the article? The experience of playing that has never been the same from one session to another session will not make a game like this feel monotonous. Whether you lose or win, you will feel compelled to try again in the next session, while wanting to appear as the best or bring your team to victory. Typical games with MOBA genres such as DOTA 2, HON, or LoL effectively do this, including games such as MMORPGs or multiplayer FPS shooters such as COD or Battlefield.



5. Break
Playing games may be one of the most relaxing and fun activities you can do, however, the need to get a time-warp effect does not mean you can do it at an excessive level. Reduced energy for the activity will certainly make eye-hand coordination and your concentration not in the most optimal conditions, giving rise to the performance that you don't want. Therefore, instead of continuing to force yourself to engage in gaming in a state of fatigue, it's a good idea to take a break to save the limited energy you have devoted to ensuring your character continues to live and act. Always prioritize breaks rather than the games you play in.


We hope our 5 tips above will help gamers who undergo Ramadhan to the fullest, making this one holy month challenging, but at the same time pleasant. However, there are a number of things that you need to pay attention to when compared to the routines that you live during typical days, including sorting content, saving more energy, and of course ensuring you are not involved in negative emotions while trying it out.



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