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Hi Twigsters,

Man or Vampire is a new adventure and strategy RPG from Hidea studio with over half a million installs worldwide. We already take a short view on the game as  our previous Man or Vampire articles and also the features. Now, you can download, install and play Man or Vampire on TRii! Don't forget to give your review about the game and collects the rewards on the JOB.


When it comes to graphics, Man or Vampire looks amazing. It looks as though it belongs on the consoles and not a mobile device. This attests to the fact that mobile games will soon perfect their appearance and become more like the PC and console counterparts.

Player will get new experience of a hero that has the unique feature of being both human and vampire. This is more interesting than it may sound at first, but we’ll get to that later. Your character, who could be male or female, has to explore a series of settings divided into grids that, as usual, are packed full of objects and enemies. 


The vampires on the outskirts are presenting a threat to this world which can only be eliminated by choosing the king of the Heavens. And the candidate for the throne is you.

The action takes place in real time, although when you get close to an enemy, you’ll enter into full on turn-based combat, classic for the genre. Luckily, the variety of your characters make these confrontations much more diverse than you can even imagine.

Man or Vampire offers some good old raids to collect the loot and fight bosses. Also, this will get you a wonderful strategy combat experience which you will need in the game. Namely, dungeon bosses tend to just jump out from somewhere and you need to be really clever when fighting them so you wouldn’t deplete your resources. 

So, lets play and test this turn based RPG game on Trii now! 



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