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Knighthood Features and Play


Hi Twigsters,

Knighthood is a game developed by the studio Midoki under King’s brand. The game strays far from the formula we’re used to seeing, offering an action game with tones of RPG. Knighthood game has style and tademark with boasts bright and colorful graphics in a hand-drawn style.

Knighthood will give the opportunity to visit the role of a medieval knight, and using the Knights of Fury hack you can simulate it. Create your own unique character and conquer the fairy-tale world. You have to fight face to face with this evil, which filled the local land. Management is extremely simple, sharpened specifically for the game with one hand, which is extremely convenient. The interface, the developers have made simple and understandable for the average player, there is absolutely nothing superfluous in it. Knights of Fury hack is absolutely free, you can download it at any time and install it on your mobile device. Thanks to good optimization, it can run even on a very weak mobile phone.


According to the plot of the game, you as a knight, you have to fight monsters in order to stop chaos. Knights of Fury mod has a wide variety of heroes, weapons and opponents. But each of them has a certain level and fighting qualities. Using weapons and equipment, strike with a simple tap on the screen. The amount of damage dealt directly depends on the power of your hero and the amount of equipment you retrieve.

Game features:

Unique characters
High quality graphics and music
One touch system of controls
Wide range of weapons
Variety monsters
Knight Forge Tier


In addition to the main character’s powers, you can use assistants. Since each one has a unique experience and access to hundreds of items, it can create a unique character. And since the most valuable items and weapons cost a lot of money, you will need to perform microtransactions in order to obtain maximum power. In the process of passing the initial tests you will learn how to control the hero, use his skills and skills during the battle.

Knighthood surely is a pleasant surprise for Android users. Not only for the fact that King has opted for a different formula than the one we’ve seen a million times, but because the game itself is really interesting. It offers high production values and the perfect balance in its formula.



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